Reuters has quoted Kommersant newspaper that Russian President Vladimir Putin in June agreed to let United States use its military base in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan for gathering intelligence information on Afghanistan.

As the US is preparing to fully withdraw from Afghanistan by September, they are probably settling in somewhere close to the war-ravaged country to conduct monitoring of Afghanistan. Russia has come forward, probably because of its fear of a new influx of Afghan refugees into central Asia which will weaken its southern defensive wing.

Earlier, Putin had offered military support to Tajikistan to protect its borders with Afghanistan after security deteriorated in northern Afghanistan.

Though no concrete response is given by the US, the newspaper reports that the grant will too include the exchange of information gathered by drones.

Kremlin is yet to officially comment on the issue.
Earlier, United States had purportedly asked Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan to let in thousands of Afghans who have worked with US troops. The offer seems solid as the US state department recently agreed that apart from 2,500 Afghan interpreters who are directly flying out to the US, thousands of others are going to be relocated to a third country.