The United States will likely increase the number of troops in Afghanistan, temporarily over the coming weeks and months to fill Biden’s order to safely withdraw all forces from Afghanistan by September 11.

John Kirby, Pentagon Spokesman on Friday made a common comparison to troops’ withdrawal from Iraq in 2011 and added that the withdrawal will be scoped and tailored to the situation.

“It’s a landlocked country, and there is clearly the potential for resistance here, opposition, as we begin to draw down,” Kirby added, “it’s not out of the realm of the possibility that some temporary enabling functions may have to be introduced into the region to permit this to be as safe and as orderly as possible. That would be the right thing to do. The prudent thing to do. It would irresponsible if we weren’t thinking about that”.

Kirby did not further provide details on the matter discussed but said military leaders are still working out the details, and that the work is underway.

This comes as US President Joe Biden on Wednesday confirmed the US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11, a day that led to the US invasion of Afghanistan, under the Afghanistan Operation Freedom Task, following the twin towers attack by al-Qaeda.


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