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US to base troops near Afghanistan for future operations

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United States Central Command and US diplomats are working on plans with nearby countries on stationing troops and fighter aircraft for counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan.

Airforce Magazine reported, that Gen.Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. US CENTCOM commander told House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that the Central Command has efforts underway to base troops in nearby locations on future operational plans following troops pull out from Afghanistan.

Future counterterrorism operations will require target surveillance, overhead intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft would be required to carry out such tasks from outside the country.

The New York Times reported, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan may possibly be selected as base for future operations.

American forces need to finish those targets through multiple options, including long range-fires and targeted he added, that such missions could be carried manned aircraft but there “are problems with all three of those options, but there’s also opportunities with all three of those options” McKenzie said.

He said these tasks would be “extremely difficult to do, but it is not impossible to do it,”.

CENTCOM commander also said it would be helpful if the US embassy is maintained in Kabul, the embassy’s presence will able United Stated to see into Afghanistan.

McKenzie said that the September 11th deadline to pull out US troops is more than just withdrawing the US and international forces.

This comes as Joe Biden previously confirmed that the US will withdraw all of its troops from Afghanistan by September 11th.

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