The US is concerned about the media operations in Afghanistan as the Taliban are trying to shut down media organizations or use them as a propaganda tool for their military missions, US Charge D’affaire in Kabul said.

“I am disturbed by reports that the Taliban is shutting down media organizations in the districts they assault”, Ross Wilson, Charge D’affaire of the US Embassy in Kabul tweeted.

He added that the Taliban are shutting down the media organizations, attempting to conceal their violence.

Interference in reporting has caused the media organizations in Samangan to stop operating.

Sima e Sulha Radio and a Cable Network, the two media outlets in Aibak city, have stopped broadcasting due to insecurity and interference of government officials as claimed by them.

“We and our colleagues have always tried to convey the events and incidents to the people,” said Sayed Ismail Sadat, the media director of this media organization, in an interview with Shahrvand Radio-television.

US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires had previously called on the Taliban to reduce the level of violence and return to the negotiating table.

The Taliban has recently intensified their attacks and have taken control of dozens of districts.