US Secretary of state Antony Blinken has arrived in Kabul on Thursday, he met with President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, Head of High Council for National Reconciliation to indicate America’s support to the Afghan government.

According to Presidential Palace, Blinken told Ghani that US withdrawal from Afghanistan does not mean the weakening of strategic relations between the two countries and that the United States honors its commitments to the government of Afghanistan and its people.

The statement also added that Blinken said the US will continue its diplomatic and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, its security forces and will facilitate the Afghan peace process.

During his meeting with Abdullah, Blinken hinted that the US and Afghanistan have a partnership that is changing but enduring and as US President Biden says, we have a new chapter that both nations will be writing it together.

This comes as the Taliban in a released statement in response to the announcement of US troops’ withdrawal by September 11 said that this decision is a breach of the US-Taliban agreement in Doha, It paves the path to “Mujahideen of Islamic emirate” to take every necessary countermeasure, hence the US will be held responsible for all of the future consequences, not the Islamic emirate.

Taliban stated that “The Islamic Emirate will under no circumstance ever relent on complete independence and establishment of a pure Islamic system and remains committed to finding a peaceful solution to the Afghan problem following the complete and certain end of the occupation,”.

 Most people out of fear of the return of an extremist regime panicked in the country and demanded that women’s rights and decades of gains should be preserved.

In the meantime, The Afghan National Security Council NSC on Thursday said Afghan National Defense and Security forces are quite capable of maintaining security in Afghanistan.

According to NSC ANDSF are able, equipped, and fully-trained to stand and defend Afghanistan against its enemies.

Rahmatullah Andar, a spokesman to NSC said, as 96% of security operations are undertaken by the ANDSF, the international community trusts and believes that Afghanistan is now independently capable of taking over its defense.

Andar added that Afghanistan is on the frontline countering global terrorism and not only defends itself but the world from the expansion of extremist incidents, and that protection of the people and this land is not a temporary responsibility but a permanent obligation of every single ANDSF member.

Meanwhile, CIA Director William Burns indicated that Washington’s ability to collect intelligence and act on threats will diminish when US troops leave Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

Burns’ testimony to the underscored a key risk inherent in Biden’s decision to pull remaining US forces out, given the enduring presence of al Qaeda and Islamic State militants in the country. 

“When the time comes for the US military to withdraw, the US government’s ability to collect and act on threats will diminish. That’s simply a fact,” he told the Senate Intelligence Committee, adding that the United States would however retain “a suite of capabilities”, Reuters quoted Burns.


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