The US president Joe Biden along with the First Lady Jill Biden celebrated Nowruz (New Solar Year) by standing beside a table on which the traditional dry fruit (Haft-Sin) was prepared at the White House.

President Biden on his official Facebook page wrote that this was the message of the new beginnings, hope, and joy of Nowruz.

“It is a celebration of the vibrant cultures and friendships of our many diaspora communities who make extraordinary contributions every day here in the United States.” Reads the Facebook post.

In the meantime, US secretary of state Antonio Blinken in a video clip wished happy Nowruz for people around the world and wish them prosperity and peace.

The US special representative for Afghanistan Thomas West also joined the President and secretary of state with the Afghan people and everyone who celebrates a joyous Nowruz.

It all comes as this year’s Nowruz is the worst one in the decades as the de facto authorities in Afghanistan denied to celebrate the day officially.

People are not excited either and most of the Afghan reason the Taliban’s limitations and economic woes for not celebrating the day.

Today, Monday, March 21 marks the first day of the New Solar Year known as Nowruz.