United States is expected to send 60 million doses of AstraZeneva COVID-19 vaccine to other nations.

The doses will be exported to the affected countries in the upcoming months following federal safety review.

US reportedly has stockpile of the coronavirus vaccine, but its regulators have not yet approved them for public use.

According to BBC critics accused the government of hoarding the vaccine, while other nations are in desperate need of the jabs.

Joe Biden in the previous month pledged to support Mexico and Canada with four million doses of AstraZeneca, both nations have approved the jab.

Covid-19 spread in India also pressured Biden administration to share US health resources with the country.

According to the White House, about 10 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine could be released after Food and Drug Administration (FDA) completes its review in the upcoming weeks.

According to BBC 50 million doses are in the stages of production, and FDA will carry out quality checks before the jabs are released and exported.

“Our team will share more details about our planning and who will be receiving offers from here, but we’re in the planning process at this point in time,” Jen Psaki, White House spokeswoman was quoted by BBC.

The US earlier announced that the country will support India with raw material for Indian vaccine manufacturers as the nation fights a chaotic surge in the COVID-19 cases.

On Monday India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced that the US has promised to provide emergency assistance including oxygen-related supplies, vaccine materials, and therapeutics with the hard-hit Indian nation.

US is said to supply oxygen, Covid tests, personal protective equipment and antiviral drug remdesivir to India.

FDA has so far approved Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccines against COVID-19, these companies will be able to provide all country’s needs and AstraZeneca jab may not be even needed, BBC reported.