drug-smugglers-1420454412The Deputy Minister of Interior for Counter-Narcotics says more than 1,800 drug dealers have been arrested so far this year.

Baz Mohammad Ahmadi who was presenting his eight-month report during a press conference in Kabul said their data shows 16 percent more drugs have been confiscated this year in comparison to that of the last year.

“Police of counter-narcotics department have seized over 100 tons of narcotics and alcoholic beverages,” he said during Sunday’s conference. “276 drug traffickers and 1,600 people were arrested for selling the drugs.”

Ahmadi added that hundreds of vehicles and different types of firearms were also seized by police in the past eight months.

About the campaign of destroying the poppy fields and drug factories, Ahmadi said there data shows an increase of 40 % in eradication of poppy cultivation compared to last year.

“Some drug factories are located in comparatively unsafe areas and lack of air support is causing a hinder in the operation to destroy them,” he said, adding that most of these factories have moved to the northwestern part of the country where it is easy for them to receive chemicals.

His comments come as President Barack Obama designated Afghanistan among 22 countries as “major drug transit and/or major illicit drug producing countries” for 2016.

Obama said that “[I]llegal poppy cultivation in Afghanistan is among the most difficult international drug-control problems.”