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US officially ends its longest every military engagement, Taliban celebrated with aerial fires

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Aerial fires of different types of weapons including machine guns dominated the sky of Kabul exactly in the middle of Monday night, August 30/31 which frightened and awoke the people.

It was later clarified that the fires were aerial and part of the celebration for what the Taliban called the end of the occupation.

US CENTCOM commander General Frank McKenzie in a press conference confirmed the end of their military presence in Afghanistan and said that the last flight carrying the last US servicemen and women left Kabul on Monday night, August 30.

General McKenzie warned that the Taliban have to deal with the emergence of ISIS-K fighters released by them.

Minutes after the last service members the US left Hamid Karzai International Airport, the Taliban entered and are now holding control of the entire airport.

As per the White House and Pentagon, as of early Monday, a total of 116,700 people have been evacuated from HKIA after the Taliban takeover.

US has called the airlift the most dangerous and biggest airlift of their history in which thirteen US marine lost their lives and the country used it commercial planes too.

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