February 07, 2018

US military release video of airstrike on Taliban Red Unit leader

By Khaama Press - Wed Dec 06 2017, 2:04 pm

The US military has released a video which purportedly shows an airstrike that target one of the most senior leaders of the Taliban group.

The video shows the airstrike on the leader of the Red Unit of the Taliban Mulah Shah Wali who was killed in the raid on 1st December.

A fast moving car is shown in the video as the military planes approach and targets it with a missile, putting on flames with the US officials saying at least five people were killed in the raid.

 According to a statement by the US military, the Taliban’s “Red Unit” commander in Helmand province, Mullah Shah Wali, aka Haji Nasir, was killed in a kinetic strike in Musa Qalah, Helmand, Dec. 1. One of Wali’s deputy commanders and three other insurgents were also killed in the strike.

The statement further added that Wali and his “Red Unit” are responsible for planning numerous suicide bombings, IED attacks, and coordinated assaults against civilians, Afghan and coalition forces. Wali was directly responsible for coordinating operations and resupply of munitions, explosives, and materials for the Taliban throughout Helmand province.

“Mullah Shah Wali’s death will disrupt the Taliban network, degrade their narcotics trafficking, and hinder their ability to conduct attacks against Afghan forces,” Nicholson said. “USFOR-A and our Afghan partners will continue to aggressively target Taliban leaders to destroy their drug network, disrupt their communications, and deny them safe haven.”

The Taliban in Helmand province are responsible for poppy cultivation and opium trade that funds their activities.

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