Amid the ongoing worst humanitarian crisis on earth in Afghanistan, three US lawmakers have urged US president Joe Biden to release Afghanistan’s frozen funds to prevent imminent economic and humanitarian disasters facing the people of Afghanistan.

The House Representatives in a letter to the US president on Thursday said, the US has a moral obligation to help the Afghan people who worked alongside American Forces and that helping the people is a national interest of the US to prevent Afghanistan from becoming safe haven for terrorists.

Lawmakers also wrote that the US has promised not to abandon the Afghan people, so the promises must be upheld and gains of the past twenty years should not be let go in vain.

“We cannot allow Afghanistan once again become a breeding ground for terrorists intent on killing Americans and attacking our nation, but that dreadful scenario will be made more likely if we fail to address that heart-wrenching humanitarian situation unfolding there today.” Reads the letter.

The letter is written to Joe Biden after 40 lawmakers urged the US secretary of state and Treasury to release the assets of Afghanistan.

The US has frozen nearly seven billion dollars of Afghanistan’s Central bank since August last year.