Afghan exiled President Ashraf Ghani is facing embezzlement accusations, as Republican members of the House’s Oversight Committee stated, while he really fled the nation under siege with bags full of cash.

The news that Ghani departed Afghanistan with “duffle bags full of cash totaling $169 million” has sparked concerns among House Republicans.

When the Taliban came to power, Ghani fled Afghanistan quickly earlier this month, paving the way for the Taliban’s entry and the collapse of the Afghan government. He went to the United Arab Emirates, where the President was given humanitarian protection, as confirmed by a letter from the Congress of the United States to secretary Anthony Blinken.

The letter also refers to reports that claim Ashraf Ghani embezzling so much money. In fact, it is said to be of an amount that “when he fled Afghanistan that not all of it would fit in his helicopter and that he was forced to leave money lying on the tarmac.”

The letter asked Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for a briefing on Ghani’s possession of US taxpayers’ funds no later than August 31 as to whether the US administration is seeking prosecution against Ghani.

According to the legislators, unscrupulous foreign government officials cannot be allowed to benefit directly from American funds intended to protect Afghans. In the event of the accuracy of the accusations against the exiled president of Afghanistan, this was not the dignified departure of a benign head of state, but that of a “coward” and “grifter”.

The letter noted that the US must do everything possible to recover any illegally obtained monies that President Ghani may have embezzled. The US should prosecute him if he misappropriated money from their original objectives.

Nonetheless, Ghani, in a video clip from UAE denies the accuracy of the accusations and claimed that he has left Afghanistan with only clothes in his bag, to avert violence and bloodshed. “I was forced to leave Afghanistan with one set of traditional clothes, a vest, and the sandals I was wearing,” Ghani said. 


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