The Ambassadors of the United States and Germany in Afghanistan strongly reacted to arrest of two civil society activists who had recently published an investigative report regarding the sexual of children in Logar schools.

John R. Bass, the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan said in a Twitter that he was deeply disturbed by Soviet-style tactics of the National Directorate of Security. “It’s appalling to coerce confessions from civil society activists whose goal is to protect Afghan children.”

Peter Prugel, the Ambassador of Germany to Afghanistan said in a Twitter post “Serious concerned about the illegal detention of #HRDefenders #Mahmudi and #Hamidi. @NDSAfghanistan’s interference in this case of alleged child abuse is unacceptable! Allegations of most serious #HumanRightsViolations need to be thoroughly investigated, not silenced!”

Meanwhile, the National Directorate of Security said in a statement that the publication of investigative report by Mr. Mahmudi regarding sexual abuse of children in Logar schools has disturbed the public opinion, endangered the public order, security and lives of many people in Logar province.

The statement further added that the publication of the report also serious Mr. Mahmudi and his colleagues, forcing the NDS to transfer them to a safe place where they could also be questioned for clarifications regarding the major crimes they have mentioned in the report.

The National Directorate of also added that it was found during the investigations that the findings of Mr. Mahmudi lack documents and evidences and that he had prepared the report in an unprofessional manner in a bid to create a story based on which he could seek asylum for his family in another country.

The Logar civil society activists had stated in their report that they have registered at least 550 cases of sexual abuse of children in various schools in Logar province.

The activists also added that the number could further rise if further investigations are conducted.


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