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US defeat in Afghanistan will lead to regional instability

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U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey A top Pentagon official has warned that United States defeat in Afghanistan will lead to instability in the region and will result to re-emergence of extremist groups.

Gen. Martin dempsey, Chariman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told lawmakers, “The region will become unstable. I think there will be problems on Pakistan’s border. Iran will be encouraged to become even more regionally aggressive.”

While speakig during a congressional hearing on Tuesday, Gen. Dempsey said, “We could find a re-emergence of violent extremist groups.”

He said, “The difference between winning and losing is certainly what we do between now and the end of ’14 but also, I think, the commitment we make beyond.”

In the meantime US senator Lindsey Graham said that only a residual force will be needed beyond 2014, to maintain confence and capabilities the Afghans do not have so that US can end the war well.

On the other hand, US defense secretary Chuck Hagel insisted on the importance of presidential election scheduled in April next year. He said, the election is key component because it is about confidence, it is about self-governance, it is about rights.

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