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US confirms death of top Al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan

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al-qaeda-leader-killed-in-afghanistanThe United States confirmed the death of a top leader of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan.

Pentagon said Friday that the Al-Qaeda leader Faruq al-Qatani was killed in the drone strikes carried out in Kunar last month.

Al-Qatani, considered as the terror network’s leader for the region, was targeted along with another Al-Qaeda leader Bilal al-Utabi in a series of drone strikes on 23rd October.

There are no reports regarding the fate of al-Utabi with Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook saying the fate of Utabi remains unclear.

However, the provincial governor officials and the Afghan intelligence confirmed the death of both the leaders in the airstrikes last month.

The officials in Kunar also added that several militants including foreigners were also among those killed in the airstrikes.

According to Cook, al-Qatani was the terrorist group’s “senior plotter of attacks against the United States.”

Both of the men were involved in efforts to re-establish a safe haven for Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, he said.

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