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US Concerned Over Haqqani Network Activities

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The US is concerned over the activities of Haqqani network in Afghanistan, the US senator John McCain said at a press conference in Kabul on Wednesday

The United States republican Senator John McCain along with 3 American senators arrived to the Afghan capital Kabul on Wednesday and met with the Afghan president Hamid Karzai.

Mr McCain said he will also talk with Pakistani authorities about the activities of Haqqani network and that Afghanistan should not turn into a safe haven for terrorists.

“We are also concerned about the fact that the Haqqani network continues to operate with impunity and we will be going to Pakistan and raising that issue with Pakistani leadership, including Gen. Kayani,” senator McCain said.

Mr McCain once again emphasised that the United States was concerned over widespread corruption in Afghanistan and is doing its best to have achievements in fight against administrative corruption.

“We are concerned with continuing corruption at all levels of government. We know that without addressing this issue, that long term success is jeopardised,” he added.

These senators said that US will not withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan by 2011, but it will make the decision based on the conditions on the ground.

“Every time I come back here is I am troubled by the extent to which the July 2011 date is misunderstood or whatever. The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is based on the conditions on the ground. We are not going anywhere until the job is done,” the US senator, Joseph Lieberman told reporters.

The American senators also talked with the Afghan president Hamid Karzai about the withdrawal date of the US forces from Afghanistan and other related issues.

The senators also participated in Veterans Day ceremony held in the US embassy in Kabul on Thursday morning.

The Veterans Day is an annual United States holiday in which military veterans are honoured.
Source: Tolo News

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