Reuters:- Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser on Sunday said that one can offer guarantees on Afghanistan’s future following US troops pull out, but United will say focused on emanating terrorist threats from the region.

This come following the official announcement of US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11th.

Reuters reported that Sullivan was asked in a Fox News program on Sunday about risks and threats of a recurrence of what occurred in Iraq, where Daesh ISIS militants emerged and seized the territory after US troops pulled out in 2011 and former President Barack Obama had to send troops back into Iraq.

According to Sullivan Biden has no plans or intentions of sending American troops back to Afghanistan, and add that he “can’t make any guarantees about what will happen inside the country. No one can”.

“All the United States could do is provide the Afghan security forces, the Afghan government, and the Afghan people resources and capabilities, training and equipping their forces, providing assistance to their government. We have done that and now it is time for American troops to come home and the Afghan people to step up to defend their own country,” Reuters quoted Sullivan.

Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani in an interview with CNN rejected “false analogies” with the Vietnam battle and any claims that Afghanistan would be at risk of collapse following the US troops withdrawal.

 He added that Afghan security forces are trained and capable of defending the nation.

“The Afghan defense and security forces have been carrying over 90% of the operations in the last two years,” CNN quoted Ghani.

While addressing an online event on Thursday president Ghani also stressed that Afghans can defend their villages and districts.

On Sunday night in an interview with CNN Ghani was asked what happens to women in Afghanistan?

Twenty years ago they couldn’t go to school, they could barely leave their houses, they couldn’t work, and Afghan women are in a different stage today, Ghani was asked is there any danger of all that being reversed?

He replied: “Yes of course there is risk”

Ghani said, If the Taliban wants to be stakeholders in the future they need to recognize that women of Afghanistan aspire to the type of freedom that existed during the time of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

He said that women in Afghanistan now speak for themselves, organize for themselves, and have turned into a nationwide movement.

“The horizon is open to them, this would be one of the great injustices in terms of human rights in history. If we don’t respect this and consolidate it”.

This comes as US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken assured that Afghanistan will not plunge into civil war if American troops leave.

Blinken said, “Ultimately, it is in no one’s interest in Afghanistan, whether it’s the Taliban or anyone else, it’s certainly not the people of Afghanistan, for the country to descend once again into civil war…

“And our goal ultimately is an Afghanistan that finds a just and durable settlement to this conflict that has been going on for four decades. And in that situation, in that environment, terrorism is less likely to emerge”.

According to him Afghanistan sliding into another civil war is in no one’s interest.

Blinken, in an interview with ABC news said Taliban held out a string of promises made in US-Doha peace agreement.

“If the Taliban has any expectation … of not being an international pariah, it’s going to have to respect the rights of women and girls,” Blinken said.

He claimed that United States had eventually achieved its objectives in Afghanistan, adding that the US “went to Afghanistan 20 years ago, and we went because we were attacked on 9/11, and we went to take on those who had attacked us,”.

Afghanistan’s invasion was to make sure the country does not turn into safe haven for terrorism directed at the United States and its allies, he elaborated saying “We achieved the objectives that we set out to achieve,”.

Al-Qaeda had been degraded and Osama Bin Laden was killed 10 years ago, but currently, Biden’s administration is in pursue of the peace process in Afghanistan, according to Blinken.

He added that the Biden administration tries to bring Afghan parties together, and see if they could reach some kind of political settlement.


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