Joe Biden’s administration has appointed Elizabeth Jones as the US special envoy to the relocation and resettlement affairs in Afghanistan.

The US department of state on Tuesday, October 12 said that the ambassador will be leading the entire Afghanistan relocation effort to facilitate the departure of individuals from Afghanistan to the United States.

“Jones will be focusing on the very complex issues related to our efforts to facilitate the relocation and resettlement in the United States of Afghan individuals, to whom we have special commitment.” State Department official said.

The mission that will be led by the new representative will be focused on four main areas namely relocating people out of Afghanistan, processing those individuals in third countries, resettlement of Afghans in the US, and outreach and engagement with volunteer and veterans’ groups.

She is not supposed to directly engage with the Taliban.

As per information, there are still 20,000 people awaiting evacuation from Afghanistan.

Jones has also been Deputy Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan.