Afghanistan Ministry of Defense confirmed that the US army has conducted aerial strikes in the provincial capital-Lashkargah- city of Helmand province on Monday, August 02.

215 Maiwand corps based in southern Helmand province also said that the aerial strikes killed 40 Taliban fighters.

The Afghan government though did not confirm civilian people being hit, sources in the provincial capital have said eight members of a family including children killed in the strikes.

The corps added that the fighters had attacked central prison in Lashkargah city which was driven back by the strikes.

US army has recently intensified its airstrikes on the Taliban to support Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.

Earlier US CENTCOM commander General McKenzie had said that the US army will conduct airstrikes in support of the ANDSF in the fight against the Taliban even after full withdrawal but acknowledged that the strikes will be over the horizon.

The Taliban attacked Lashkargah city nearly ten days ago and recently toppled two Police Districts in the city and then got closer to the central jail.

The Afghan government has recently sent reinforcements to the city which led to heavy conflicts between the warring sides leaving hundreds of families displaced.