Thursday, February 22, 2024

US airstrike kill or injure 30 militants in Nuristan province

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US drone strike South WaziristanAccording to local authorities in eastern Nuristan province of Afghanistan, at least 30 militants were killed or injured following drone strikes.

The officials further added the airstrikes were carried in Kamdish district.

Provincial security chief Gen. ghullah Nuristani confirming the report said US drones targeted militants in Bazgul valley, killing and injuring at least 30 militants.

Mr. Nuristani said a number of the foreign militants were also among those killed during the airstrike.

He said, “The airstrikes were carried out and around 35 militants including local and foreigners were killed or injured during the attack. The exact number of the militants killed will be confirmed later.”

Kamdish district is among the high volatile region in eastern Nuristan province of Afghanistan. Anti-government armed militant groups yet to comment regarding the drone attack in this province.

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