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US Agrees to Send 31 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

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Nizamuddin Rezahi
Nizamuddin Rezahi
Nizamuddin Rezahi is a journalist and editor for Khaama Press. You may follow him @nizamrezahi on Twitter.
US M1 Abrams Tank in a port

The United States announced on Wednesday that it will supply Ukraine with 31 M1 Abrams tanks worth $400 million aimed at strengthening the Ukrainian army’s strength on the ground.

President Joe Biden announced the decision at the White House, stating that tanks are needed to boost the Ukrainian army’s ability to maneuver on the open terrain in the war against Russia.  

Prior to the announcement, Germany had agreed to send “Leopard 2 Tanks” to Ukraine, in what Kyiv hopes will be a game changer in the battleground. President Biden thanked Germany for stepping up to send sophisticated tanks to Ukraine and other NATO member stat for supplying military equipment to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Twitter thanked the leaderships of the United States and Germany for providing heavy military equipment including M1 Abrams tanks and Leopard 2 to support Ukraine’s self-defense in the ongoing war.

The decisions by Berlin and Washington come as the Western allies plan to help Ukraine prepare for a possible spring counter-offensive to try to drive Russia out of territory it has seized in eastern parts of Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier said the tanks would “burn like all the rest”. He said there was an overestimation of the potential the tanks would bring to the Ukrainian army, and called the move a “failed plan”.

But Ukrainian officials insist they are urgently in need of heavier weapons and say sufficient battle tanks could help Kyiv’s forces to change the outcome of the war and seize back territory from the Russians. With the escalation of the war in Ukraine, the conflict is entering a new phase, as NATO member states accelerate supplying Ukraine with heavy and sophisticated weapons.

However, President Putin has plans to continue the war in Ukraine, gain more territories, target the country’s energy infrastructures, and eventually force Ukraine’s leadership and their Western allies to come to negotiations sooner or later.

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