The local officials in southern Kandahar province inaugurated upgraded wards for trauma and infectious diseases in Mirwais regional hospital.

“Kanadahar Provincial Government, the Directorate of Public Health of Kandahar with the financial support of the Republic of Korea and the USAID and with technical support of World Health Organisation Afghanistan (WHO) inaugurated an upgraded Trauma Ward (Funded by the Republic of Korea) and an upgraded Infectious Disease ward (Funded by USAID) at the Mirwais Regional/Provincial Hospital in Kandahar Provincial Centre,” the World Health Organization said in a statement.

The statement further added that the Trauma Ward is upgraded with $330,000 from the generous funding with thanks to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kabul, and the Infectious Disease Ward is upgraded with $140,000 from the generous funding with thanks to the USAID in Afghanistan.

According to World Health Organization, Afghanistan has a very high number of trauma patients from internal conflict in the country and indiscriminative explosions, many of whom die due to lack of proper trauma care facilities in the country. This trauma ward is equipped with up-to-date medical instruments and equipment and shall help save lives from treatable trauma.

“On the other hand, infectious diseases comprises around 30% of the overall burden on health system across the country,” the statement said, adding that WHO Afghanistan also supports disease early warning system surveys, detecting and assisting the management of infectious disease outbreaks in all provinces across the country.