According to reports at least 2 people have died following an unknown disease outspread in northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan.

At least 5 more people have been affected in Deh-Sala area at Deh-Salah district in this province.

Local residents are saying that the unknown disease spread in Uruzngan village a week ago and a shor shiver has been noted in affected indivuals which kills in less than 10 minutes.

They are saying at least 2 people have died and five others have been affected who have been taken to hospitals for the treatment purposes.

A local villager who lost one his relative said, “One of my relative died after receiving a short shiver and another neighbor died within 10 minutes from the same disease. Two people have died and 5 others have been affected in our village during the past one week.”

Residents in Uruzngan village at Deh-Salah district are seriously concerned of the disease and have urged the Afghan government to take immeidate actions in this regard.

Provincial public health chief Dr. Mohammad Salim Rassouli confirming the report said they have sent a team in the area to investigate the outspread of the disease.

He said they are able to take preventive actions in order to stop the disease if any positive signs of virus was detected during the inspection.