Ministry of higher education of Afghanistan said that they have been busy discussing issues with the educational association and will resume all universities across the country as soon as they come over the problems.

Acting minister of higher education Abdul Baqi Haqqani said that he is discussing financial issues along with other problems confronting higher education in Afghanistan.

The educational sector is currently one of the most impacted sectors in Afghanistan which were hit by the limitations of the corona pandemic and now the transformation of the regime.

The acting minister in a gathering in Kabul said that their negotiations over the resolution of the problems will not take more than a week.

Abdul Baqi Haqqani also said that for the time being the current curriculum will be followed but added that they are busy discussing changes in curriculum.

“Non-essential subjects will be dropped from the curriculum and will be replaced with modern ones so that they can compete with the world.” Said Haqqani.

The acting minister said that the policy of gender-based classes will be followed and female students will be taught by female lecturers and added to invite Afghan lecturers in exile in case the face lack.