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United States ‘leadership means ending forever war in Afghanistan’

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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United States President Joe Biden on Wednesday said, that full withdrawal from Afghanistan won’t put national security at risk but will demonstrate American leadership by ending the cycle of prolonged war.

While addressing the US congress Biden said “American leadership means ending the forever war in Afghanistan,”.

“We have, without hyperbole, the greatest fighting force in the history of the world. I am the first president in 40 years who knows what it means to have a son serving in the war zone”, Biden said.

According to Biden America’s war was never meant to be multigenerational, he explained that the US wanted to target those who attacked the twin towers in New York on September 11th, the United States would “would follow some of them to the gates of hell to do it”.

“And we delivered justice to bin Laden. We degraded the terrorist threat of al Qaeda and Afghanistan, and after 20 years of valor and sacrifice, it is time to bring those troops home”, Biden reiterated.

President Bident mentioned that “even as we maintain the right to capacity to suppress threats to the homeland, make no mistake — in 20 years, terrorism has metastasized”.

Biden further elaborated that threats of al-Qaeda should be repulsed in other places rather than Afghanistan as well as its re-emergence and regrowth of another terrorist group.

“Al Qaeda and Daesh are in Syria, Somalia, other places in Africa, and the Middle East,” Biden hinted.

This comes as President Biden earlier announced troops’ withdrawal by September 11th of this year.

US and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan raised concerns over reoccurrence of a potential civil war in the country.

General Mark Miley top US general and chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff indicated that full withdrawal from Afghanistan will result in a “worst-case” scenario.

He warned of potential civil war and al-Qaeda’s regrowth, he said at Sedona Forum which was hosted by McCain institute that “tough situation, no good answers to any of it”.

In “the worst-case analysis, you have a potential collapse of the government, a potential collapse of the military, you have civil war, you have all the humanitarian catastrophe that goes with it and the potential for the return of Al Qaeda sometime down the road,” The National quoted Miley.

According to Miley withdrawal decision is not a “foregone conclusion”, he referred to a possible agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban group.

The United States has a tendency to continue supporting “diplomatic efforts to bring a negotiating outcome between the insurgents and the regime and that would be best for the people of Afghanistan and best for the region”. 

Miley on recommendations for leaving a residual force in Afghanistan said that “we are not advocates. So we present courses of actions … the president is the decision-maker,”.

Media outlets in Afghanistan reported that the Taliban shared a peace plan with High Council for National Reconciliation leadership.

The plan has not yet been shared with the public, but it is believed the plan could lead to a common vision for peace in Afghanistan.

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