Saturday, December 2, 2023

United Nations holding two meetings on Ukraine today

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Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.

In struggles to get millions of Ukrainians free from the adverse effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council are holding two different meetings on Monday, February 28.

The UNSC on Sunday gave a green signal for an emergency meeting in Ukraine that will happen for the first time in decades. The meeting will give the opportunity to the members of the UN to speak about war and vote on a resolution later in the week.

The resolution that is aimed at deploying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not unanimously voted by the 15-member Security Council with Russian opposing and China, India, and the UAE abstaining.

The meetings come as the Ukraine presidential office has confirmed speaking with Russia in a third country but denied Israel having been chosen as a mediator for the peace talks.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports have it that Vladimir Putin has also given green light for a ceasefire in Ukraine.

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  1. he aim of Nato was to provoke Putin ,to invade !

    NATO purpose is served,as it has justified its existence,and has 3 more applications (excl UKR), and will raise more funds,and NORD 2 is gone (thus trapping the Germans).

    The very purpose of NATO and US was to financially cripple Russia and start an insurrection in Russia.Putin CANNOT withdraw,as his aims are NOT achieved.Longer he stays – more the sanctions – and soon,sanctions will hit the common man – and then the Orange Revolution by the CIA in Moscow.

    CIA aim,was to turn the Russians and Military,against Putin. Will there be a coup or martial law ?

    The day RUSSIAN RESERVES IN EU banks, WERE FROZEN – THAT WAS WAR BY NATO ! But Putin moved late ! At that stage, a Thermo Nuke test in Siberia,was in order !

    The aim of CIA is to induce shortages and hyper inflation in Russia – FASTER than Putin taking Kiev and Partitioning UKR.Who will succeed 1st ? ddindooohindoo

    Even if Putin just keeps the 2 provinces – US and NATO will not lift the sanctions !

    They will keep Russia in UKR for a long time – and keep tightening the financial screws !

    Lindsay is wrong on doing a HIT ON PUTIN !

    The way to TRY to topple Putin is to create mass unrest via shortages and hyperinflation and LETTING PUTIN TAKE KIEV and then send in the mili aid to insurgents – and keep Putin in UKR – and then tighten sanctions – and that will lead to food shortages and mass unemployment (as Russia is an export driven economy)

    Then Soros and CIA can start the Orange revolution

    Then at that stage,some one from the Milit MIGHT TRY TO TOPPLE Putin !


    PRC is watching the sanctions on Russia !

    SCS is different from UKR

    If there is war in SCS – then US Navy will block the Malacca and SCS – and no OIl will flow to PRC.Until PRC can solve that riddle,it will wait.PRC needs SUPPLY of oil at FAIR RATES.War risk premiums on Voyage charters will blow a hole in the Oil bill – if the Oil comes in.

    Better for PRC to take North East India or Indon-ass-eaaah or Vietnam !

    Until the PLN can keep the shipping lanes open !


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