The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan released its findings regarding the controversial airstrike in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan on Monday.

The UN mission confirms 107 casualties in the airstrike which includes 36 killed and 71 injured, of which according to UNAMA 81 were children, although the report notes that UNAMA received additional credible information indicating higher figures.

According to UNAMA, the report is based upon more than 90 interviews with victims, witnesses, government officials and medical personnel; three large community consultations in Kunduz city; and accounts received during a fact-finding mission to the site of the attack.

A key finding of this report is that the government, which indicated the airstrike targeted senior Taliban leaders present in the area, used rockets and heavy machinegun fire on and around a religious gathering, killing and injuring civilians, the majority of whom were children, UNAMA added.

The UN mission also adds that the report details how UNAMA was not able to confirm the civilian status of each individual killed or injured, nor was the mission in a position to determine the presence or actions of Taliban leaders or units at the time of the airstrike.

UNAMA says the report makes several recommendations to the government, including conducting a review of military policies to ensure compliance with international humanitarian law to protect civilians at all times.