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UNAMA mission in Afghanistan changes after NATO pullout

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UNAMA mission in Afghanistan changes after NATO pulloutAccording to Afghan government officials the role of United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) will change after 2014.

The United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMA) started its operations in Afghanistan after the fall of Taliban regime in 2002.

Based on the Bonn agreement UNAMA was assigned to coordinate international community’s aid and efforts to Afhganistan.

UNAMA played a vital role to organize an emergy grand assembly (Loya Jirga) where Hamid Karzai was appointed as Afghan president during the transitional government period and also another grand assembly was organized on Afghan constitutions and first parliamentarian and presidential election by UNAMA.

In the meantime Afghan officials are saying that UNAMA will concentrate on preliminary needs of the Afghan government after the withdrawal of NATO troops from the country.

Afghan foreign minister Zalmai Rassoul while speaking during the second UN Coherence session on Wednesday said UNAMA will start a new mission after 2014.

Zalmai Rassoul said, “After a decade of partnership, we are looking today at a new framework for the UN’s engagement in Afghanistan. In other words, we look forward not to less but different UN engagement, which is characterized by the realities of Afghan ownership and leadership, Transition, and the coming 2015-2024 Decade of Transformation.”

He said, “Over the past decade, the UN, through UNAMA, has had the central coordinating role on the International Community’s civilian effort for helping the Afghan people. The UN has supported the efforts of the Afghan Government to build a more peaceful future for the country. While transition continues toward greater Afghan ownership and responsibility, Afghanistan will continue to benefit from the support of the UN.

In particular, the UN’s good offices are vital to move from its traditional role to technical support of Afghan-led political processes and capacity building for Afghan institutions. The UN focus on aid coherence in support of Afghanistan’s National Priority Programs, with the strengthening leading role of Afghan institutions, and reinforcing integration and delivery as one, remains crucial. The Government of Afghanistan is looking forward to close cooperation in this regard.”

“To realize more effective and efficient UN activities in Afghanistan through a strengthened One-UN approach described in last year’s renewed mandate for UNAMA, and based on the evolving realities of Transition, the Government of Afghanistan and the United Nations agreed to rethink and adjust the UN’s approach in Afghanistan.

We agreed to embark on a revitalized process of establishing a set of clear and focused priority areas where the UN system in Afghanistan has competencies and comparative advantages, and where they can better support Afghans and the Government’s evolving development strategies.” he said.

The United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) was founded in 2002 following the request of the Afghan government. UNAMA’s mission was extended for the last time by UN security council until March 2013.

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