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UN rejects Taliban’s bid for Afghanistan seat for third time


For the third time, the UN Credentials Committee has postponed the decision on assigning the Afghanistan seat to the Taliban.

With the United Nations refraining from assigning Afghanistan’s seat to the Taliban, Nasir Ahmad Faiq, the representative of the former government at the UN, remains in his position.

The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution without a vote to not transfer the Afghanistan seat to a Taliban representative.

The United Nations has stated that it has received two correspondences regarding the Afghanistan seat from the permanent representative of the former Afghan government and the Taliban’s Foreign Ministry.

Previously, the United Nations had twice refrained from transferring Afghanistan’s seat in the organization to the Taliban.

Currently, Nasir Ahmad Faiq, a diplomat appointed by the former government, is the permanent representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations.

Following their takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban sought a UN seat but this is the third time that the UN refused to transfer the Seat to the Taliban administration.

The UN has emphasized that for recognition, the Taliban must commit to women’s rights, including access to education and employment, form an inclusive government, and adhere to international obligations.



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