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UN plans to send Afghanistan $20M every week until March 2022


United Nations reportedly plans to send to Afghanistan up to $20 million in cash every single week until March 2022 to contain the problem of lack of cash in Afghanistan.

The amount of money will be delivered to Afghanistan’s International Bank (AIB) and will then be either distributed in Afghanistan or spent on things that are most important to buy.

The decision comes a day after UNAMA gave Afghanistan its third batch of dollars in cash on Sunday, December 12.

Afghanistan International Bank received $19.2 million.

The UN is also believed to extend the aid after March and is also said that the number of dollars will also be increased.

The decision, if implemented will for sure contain the ongoing horrific humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan as the country lack cash, and prices of foodstuff and fuel are almost impossible to buy.

It is widely believed that taking in dollars to Afghanistan will keep the value of Afghani stable and will then lead to decreasing in prices.



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