January 20, 2018

UN official breaks down in tears talking about Gaza school shelling

By Ghanizada - Thu Jul 31 2014, 1:31 pm

UN official breaks down in tearsA United Nations official broke down in tears during an interview Wednesday as he described the devastating human impact of fighting in Gaza.

Chris Gunness, spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, was speaking during an interview with the Al Jazeera when he broke down live on air.

The heartbreaking moment the UN official collapsed into uncontrollable teams came while he was talking about a deadly shelling on a school in Gaza.

According to Palestinian officials, at least 16 people including men, women and children were killed and nearly 100 others were injured following the incident.

“The rights of Palestinians, and even their children, are wholesale denied… and its appalling,” said Chris Gunness.

The attack on the UN-run school in Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza has invited furious denunciation from UN bodies with them calling for international political action to stop the bloodshed.

The United States also joined the United Nations in condemning Israel after tank shells tore apart the school, with White House spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan saying it was ‘extremely concerned’ that thousands of Palestinians were not safe even in UN-designated shelters.

According to UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs, at least 1,118 people including 827 civilians have been killed in the ongoing conflict in Gaza as of July 29.

The conflict has also left 56 Israelis including 53 soldiers and two civilians dead so far.

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  1. Barbaric Jewish state – where is the pro democracy f**king countries USA, EU, etc. I think UN puppet ki moon should step down and let someone competent take the lead cause he cant do anything.

  2. When it comes to massacare of muslims there is no condemnation statements from any democratic country but if one jew or Christian is killed then all these so called democratic coutnries start barking like a mad dog – I say it again MAD DOGS!!!

  3. this is all nothing else but sweeping away the Muslims. UN and USA are accountable for the massacre in Gaza. now the Muslims need to be gathered and start a grand holly war against the Jews and Christians anywhere they are. they should devastate all the US compounds in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi, Pakistan or anywhere else. now this is the time for the Muslims and their Islamic Spirit. if Muslims won’t get together at this circumstance so where else will they defend their religion. 

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