The UN mission in Afghanistan is under fire on social media platforms for blocking its critics after the leakage of a controversial letter it had sent to Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan regarding the alleged inappropriate actions of an election commissioner.

The social media activists particularly in Facebook and Twitter have criticized the UN mission for blocking its critics, accusing the mission of adopting an approach to ‘silent freedom of speech’ by blocking people and deleting their comments on the two vastly used social media platforms.

“@UNAMAnews official Twitter account and Facebook pages r trying silent freedom of speech by blocking people and deleting their comments in Facebook, what @UNAMAnews is doing will have bad consequences in future,losing credibility now silencing freedom of speech, this is unbareble,” a social media activist said in a Twitter post.


Another social media activist said in a Twitter post “We didn’t know freedom of speech & democracy is just a joke & slogan for @UN.
Mr @antonioguterres ur representative #Tadamichi_Yamamoto in AFG & @UNAMAnews have initiated to block everyone who criticize their interference in #AfghanElections2019.SHAME @FedericaMog @UN_News_Centre.”

In the meantime, the UN mission in Afghanistan in a statement said “As part of the mandate conferred on it by the UN Security Council and at the request of Afghan authorities, UNAMA provides support to the Afghan electoral authorities and their work to manage credible elections.”

The statement further added “On 10 November, the head of UNAMA, sent an official letter to the IEC Chair, bringing to her attention the Mission’s concerns about an incident in which an IEC Commissioner’s actions were considered inappropriate and in violation of the Afghan Election Law. The letter invited the Commission to take measures to address the matter.”

“In keeping with its mandate to advise Afghan electoral authorities, the purpose of the letter was to support and safeguard the integrity of the IEC and for the Election law to be respected,” the statement said, adding that “It is a matter of concern that the letter was leaked to the media and has been politicized by some to misrepresent its purpose and contents.”

Reacting to UN mission’s letter, election commissioner Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah said in a Twitter post that the letter by Yamamoto Tadamachi, the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan about him is rife with accusations, lies and is shocking which raises questions regarding the credibility of an international institution.

Mawlana Abdullah further added that neither he has insulted the religion, race and religious values of anyone nor he has threatened anyone to death, warning that he would file a lawsuit against the accusations of UNAMA.


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