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UN emphasizes on women’s access to education and public life in Afghanistan

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The United Nations office in Afghanistan has reacted to the Taliban’s recent announcement on barring women from visiting public parks and baths.

In a twitter message, the UNAMA has emphasized on Afghan women’s access to education and public life.

UNAMA is deeply concerned by recent Taliban officials’ statements and mounting on-the-ground reports of women being prevented from using parks, gyms and baths, UNAMA News tweeted on Tuesday.

All Afghan’s rights should be upheld, particularly women’s access to all forms of public life and girls right to education, UNAMA said.

This comes as the Taliban authorities in Afghanistan have recently announced that women are not allowed to visit parks, gyms and public baths as these activities are against the Sharia law.

Taliban regained power on the 15th of August 2021 after the former President of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani fled and the country’s national army collapsed.

A number of limitations were imposed on Afghan women including barring them from work and education. Any kind of pressures on Taliban by the international community to uphold the basic rights of Afghan women, did not help. Based on Taliban’s interpretation from Islam, women must be fully covered in Hijab and do not appear in a shared space with men.

Dozens of women rights activist who marched on streets agains the limitations and raised voice had to either leave the country or were silenced after being detained or prisoned.

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