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Ukrainian president pleas for help after his country was stormed by Russian fighters

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy says his country has remained lonely against the Russian invasion which was triggered after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the war order against Ukraine on Thursday.

According to the reports, the Russian forces are advancing towards Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine attacking with air, sea, and land forces, however, the Ukrainian forces are fighting them back despite they are outnumbered.

The Ukrainian President has announced to remain in Kyiv, however, he knows he and his family are the prime targets as Russia wants to overthrow the Ukraine administration by killing the head of the state, he claimed.

The Western countries including the U.S, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many European countries have condemned the Russian invasion and have announced sanctions against Russia.

According to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, 137 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 316 others have been injured so far and over 800 Russian soldiers have been killed, he claimed.

A large number of the population in Ukraine have been displaced and there are fears of a high flow of emigrants on the borders of the neighboring European countries.

Some reports suggest that over 100,000 people have so far fled the country.

The shocking war in a European state after World War II had mixed reactions among people in Afghanistan.

The Taliban government has announced they are overseeing the Russia and Ukraine conflict from close and suggests that both sides avoid war and get into diplomatic talks.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taliban in a statement announces that the Afghanistan government based on its policy of neutrality calls on Russia and Ukraine to avoid any further bloodshed. and solve the current crisis through dialogue and peaceful means.

Many social media users in Afghanistan have compared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and former Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, praising the bravery of Volodymyr Zlenskiey for staying in the country and fighting back against Russia, while they criticize Ashraf Ghani for fleeing out and not fighting the Taliban on August 15, last year.

On the other hand, another group of social media users criticizes the United States of America for not standing with Afghanistan in August last year and similarly not helping Ukraine now.

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