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Ukraine Likely to Face Afghanistan’s Situation, Says Sergey Lavrov

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that Ukraine will possibly face Afghanistan’s fate if things remain unchanged, calling on Ukrainian politicians to consider Afghanistan’s situation.

The United States and its Western allies left Afghanistan after twenty years and left nothing behind but growing terrorism and drug trafficking, Russia’s Foreign Minister said.

In an interview with Tsargrad TV channel, Sergey Lavrov pointing to Afghanistan said there will be a time that the US would longer be interested in Ukraine and stop supporting this country as well.   

Meanwhile, some other Russian politicians have also described the future of Ukraine as similar to that of war-torn Afghanistan.

Vasily Alekseyevich Nebenzya Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations on Tuesday, May 16, at the UN Security Council meeting addressed Ukrainian leaders that President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan only with a suitcase.

“With the current status quo, Ukraine can turn into another Afghanistan,” Russian top military general Sergey Lepoyev during a press conference said on Thursday, May 11.  He added the United States will gradually lose its interests in Ukraine and concentrate on Taiwan and China instead. Therefore, it’s the Ukrainian government and the people who will pay the price.

With the military support of the US and other NATO member states to the Ukrainian army, the war is ongoing with further escalations on the ground. Ukrainian forces are preparing for a counter-offensive around Bakhmut to force Russian troops out of the strategic city.

With the current escalations, there is no prospect for meaningful negotiations or peace talks as both warring parties are preparing for counter-offensives.

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