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UK to extend tours for British troops in Afghanistan

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British defense ministerAccording to reports British Defense Minister Philip Hammond is due to announce a new timetable for British troops in Afghanistan that will allow to service for longer tours in the country.

A British said up to 3,500 British troops will have their tours in Helmand province extended by nearly half as part of the UK’s plans to hand over security to Afghan forces and end all combat operations next year.

With the new timetable soldiers with the next brigade in Helmand, starting in September, will serve up to nine months instead of the usual six months.

The plan to extend deployment time for British troops in Afghanistan was under active consideration after senior officers stressed that the extension was impertative to ensure that Afghan army and police are in a position to take over security duties as Western forces withdraw, The Independent reported three months back.

Senior British General Nick Carter quoted by The Independent said, a drawdown during that period would seriously undermine the gains which have been made. Senior officers were worried that headlines back in Britain claiming the war was over because UK troops had drastically cut down on combat missions woul, encourage demands for a faster timetable of withdrawl.

In the meantime British Defense Minister Philip Hammond is set to make announcement in Parliament on Tuesday.

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