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UK supports political solution for Pak-Afghan crisis

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British ambassador in Pakistan on Thursday said the ongoing war between the two sides of the Afghan and Pakistan borders requires a political solution however he said Pakistan is currently not in a position to sit-in for peace talks with the militants.

Adam Thomson speaking in a joint press conference with the British ambassador for Afghanistan Richard Stagg said Britain’s stance on Durand Line is clear however he said it is not appropriate to be disclosed in media in current situation.

The two British envoys appeared in a joint press conference in capital Kabul to brief the Afghan and Pakistani reporters regarding war against terrorism, Durand Line, peace efforts in Afghanistan and Britain’s stance beyond 2014 in Afghanistan.

The press conference was attended by Afghan journalists while Pakistani journalists asked their questions through a video conference.

British ambassador for Pakistan emphasized for a political solution for the curren crisis on the two sides of the border and said only military option will resolve the issues.

He also insisted that Pakistan is not prepared to start negotations with the Taliban and said, “The Afghan government is willing to start a political solution with the militants but I believe that Pakistan does not have such a stance against the Baitullah Mehsood and Sheikh Fazlullah however Pakistani officials also agree that only military option will not help to resolve the issues.”

In the meantime journalists continuously questionned the two envoys regarding Britain’s stance on Durand Line.

Mr. Thomson said, “Both Islamabad and Kabul understand Britain’s stance on Durand Line but I believe that it is not an appropriate time to disclose it in media considering the current situation.”

The two diplomats also welcomed the release of a number of Taliban detainees from Pakistan and British ambassador for Afghanistan Richar Stagg said Britain remains committed to support Afghan security forces beyond 2014.

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