After Us, Russia, Europe, and India – United Emirates celebrates its first mission at mars.

The UAE probe left earth about seven months ago it had to make a breaking manoeuvre for making sure it has entered the Mars orbit.

UAE scientists with the help of the satellite are hoping to study Mar’s atmosphere, their satellite is equipped with three devices that will observe, how neutral atoms of hydrogen and oxygen once abundant water leaks into space.

The satellite has high-resolution cameras, that will transmit quality and full-disk images of Mars.

Hope is now running in an initial ellipse around Mars that comes as close as 1,000km from the planet and goes out to almost 50,000km. Over the course of the next few weeks, this will be trimmed to a 55-hour, 22,000km-by-43,000km orbit that is inclined to the equator by about 25 degrees, BBC reported

BBC quoted propulsion engineer, Ayesha Sharafi, ” It depends on what that initial orbit looks like but we would need around three manoeuvres to get into our science orbit,”.


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