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U.S veterans in Texas demonstrate for ‘Afghan Adjustment Act’ law saying it can save the lives of U.S allies

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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Dozens of U.S veterans met at San Antonio in Texas on Saturday to protest for the Afghan Adjustment Act law which has been pending for approval for several weeks despite it being endorsed by a high number of U.S congressmen.

The legislation will help about 300,000 Afghan men and women who assisted the U.S mission in Afghanistan and could not get to the United States before the Taliban took over Afghanistan last year, Texas Public Radio reported.

Matt Zeller, an Army veteran and senior advisor with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America speaking to Texas Public Radio said that if this law is not passed, the majority of the U.S allies in Afghanistan maybe dead by the next year.

Currently the U.S government has expedited the process for the Special Immigration Visa holders, however a large number of others who have been evacuated to the United States under a two-year Parole humanitarian visa have no clear path towards getting lawful status in the United States.

According to the veterans supporting Afghan Adjustment Act law, if the paroles are not approved for asylum before August next year, a large number of them would be facing the risk of being periled which will be even more dangerous for their safety.

The parolees have been given Employment Authorization and Social Security Numbers that are expiring in August next year. The kids who are enrolled in schools and the adult members who have been given jobs based on these documents will be helpless as soon as their documents expire.

The regular asylum program would take much longer as there are over 1.8 million applications filed before them.

Nazira, whose real name is avoided in this report due to security concerns was resettled to Maryland in February after spending 6 months inside Fort McCoy, a military base in Wisconsin has been engaged with a volunteer attorney for almost 8 months to file an asylum application.

Speaking with Khaama Press, Nazira says she is tired of waiting so long to file an asylum application for which she had every documents ready months ago.

If every process is slow-moving like this, the majority of parolees will face huge challenges by next August, Nazira told Khaama Press.

Nazira believes that there are thousands of Afghan parolees who have not yet been connected to any attorney or they have never yet found a chance of looking for a law firm as they are expecting to hear from the resettlement agencies about providing them free attorneys.

According to Nazira, the Afghan Adjustment Act law would give the newly resettled Afghan refugees a hope and would help them obtain lawful status for peace of mind and living opportunities in the United States.

This comes as the United States of America evacuated tens of thousands of its allies in Afghanistan following the collapse of the country into the hands of Taliban last year.

A large number of U.S congressmen and senators introduced Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA) law in August. The senators and veterans are raising voice in support of this law in different states to gain attention and provide further awareness about it.

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  1. Human Rights First is an NGO that has received millions of dollars from the YS government to provide legal supports for the Afghan parolees and asylum seekers. This NGO has been so slow in its job and the law firms associated with it are just passing times and are not serious to help out.

    The resettlement agencies and the US government authorities involved in this matter must seriously review Human Rights First’s achievements.

    Ali, Washington


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