At least two suspects have been arrested in connection to the mysterious killings of at least six people in various attacks in Kabul city.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said the suspects were arrested during the operation of the police forces.

The source further added that the two suspects had killed at leat six people in Bagrami and Police Districts 16th and 12 of the city.

According to the Criminal Investigation Department, the the two suspects also attacked two other people in the city who survived the attack with injuries.

The main motive behind the killings has not been ascertained so far but the Criminal Investigation Department says an investigation is underway and the two suspects are being questioned by the police forces.

This comes as criminal related incidents are on the rise in the key cities of the country including capital Kabul.

The police forces in Kabul arrested two suspects in connection to the murder of a child and injuring another one in Kabul city nearly two weeks ago.