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Two of four hostages escape from Taliban in Kunar


Taliban killed (3)Taliban militants kidnapped four civilians from a village in eastern Kunar province but two of them escaped.

Brigadier General Sayed Habib Sayedkhili, police chief of Kunar province said on Monday that militants went to Patan area of Noorgal District and kidnapped a father with three sons last night.

He said two of the hostages ran away from insurgents late at night but two of them, father and son, are still in the custody of the militants.

According to Brig. General Sayedkhili, these people are not government employees.

Taliban had not commented on the report by the time it was filed but in several occasions the militant group has targeted civilians after accusing them of working for the government.

Kunar which shares a long border with Pakistan is one of the restive provinces of Afghanistan.

Local and foreign militants are operating in parts of this province, especially in the border areas with Pakistan.



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