Two women were killed by their husbands in two different incidents in Uruzgan province’s center and Deh Rawood district, according to security officials.

These incidents occurred on Thursday, 19th May, in Tarinkot city, the center and the district of Deh Rawood in Uruzgan province, according to officials.

The first murder, according to Mohammad Asif, the Taliban’s director of Information and Culture in Uruzgan province, was committed by a man named Mulladad in the Deh Rawood district.

According to him, efforts have been taken to arrest the murderer, but he has yet to be located and apprehended.

Furthermore, sources told the media that the second murder occurred in the Dek area of Tarinkot, Uruzgan’s capital, and that a man gunned down his wife.

The killer, according to the source, has fled to the mountains and is now being sought by Taliban forces.

Nonetheless, nothing has been reported concerning the cause or motive of these two Uruzgan murders.


  • Saqalain Eqbal is an Online Editor for Khaama Press. He is a Law graduate from The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF).