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Turning gun on media: Taliban warn attacks on 1TV and Tolo TV channels

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
Khaama Press is a Kabul-based independent and non-political news organization established in 2010.

fkdkddkdTaliban have warned attacks on 1TV and Tolo private TV channels operating from Kabul with sub offices and reporters in a number of provinces.

A statement published on Taliban website accuses the two TV channels for propagating against them.

“Tolo and 1 TV channels are spearheads among these propaganda networks tasked with promoting the intellectual, cultural and information invasion of the infidels in Afghanistan. These networks with the complete backing of the Americans ridicule our religious and cultural norms, encourage obscenity and lewdness, inject the minds of youth with dangerous substances such as irreligiousness, immorality, violence, gambling, intermixing and profanity and specifically spread propaganda filled with hate and open enmity against Jihad and Mujahideen.” The press release states.

It warns that 1TV and Tolo are now military objectives for Taliban.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from now onwards does not recognize Tolo and 1 TV channels as media outlets but designates them as military objectives due to their disrespectful and hostile actions towards the Afghan Mujahid nation.”

“Henceforth no employee, anchor, office, news team and reporter of these TV channels holds any immunity. “ The statement adds.

“Hereafter all the reporters and associates of these channels will be deemed enemy personnel, all of their centers, offices and dispatched teams will be considered military objectives which will be directly eliminated.” The statement threatens.

“Our demand from those associating with these channels is that they stay away from their offices and reporters and to end all contacts with them. People should stop visiting the main offices and branches of these channels, cease participating in its programs and bar all its reporters from entering their homes. Intellectuals should stop partaking in its news reports and the Muslim nation should generally quit watching and strongly boycott them.” The statement warns.

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  1. Of course the Taliban  are using the exact playbook that theirs masters has been using for long time to achieve their political objectives.  The political process in Pakistan for the last decades is linked with countless assignations, intimidation, and violent military coup to gain power and maintain power. 
    Indeed, the free  press in Afghanistan is thorn in the eyes of Pakistan and their Taliban servants. The free press maybe even more dangerous as the Afghan defense e forces. If the main concept of gaining and maintain political power based on manipulation and deceives of the ignorant, uneducated and uninformed population.  Naturally the free press must be eliminated, because it is doing opposite by informing and educating the population. 
    Tolo and the entirety of free press in Afghanistan thank you! Thank you the brave women and men for your service!


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