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Turkmenistan to Export LPG to Pakistan via Afghanistan


With the increasing high price of petrol and gas shortage, the government of Pakistan has worked out a plan to import liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) overland from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan.

After consultation with stakeholders, the federal government of Balochistan, sent a plan to the Federal Board of Revenue to import LPG across the Chaman border, according to sources. Importing LPG from Turkmenistan is a major step for the federal government to fill the serious need for gas shortage the country is faced with.

The successful implementation of this project will need the close cooperation of all three countries including, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, respectively. Afghanistan authorities will play a key role in providing security and the required logistics for this project. Afghan haulers will have to move the Pakistani tanker trucks filled with LPG from the Torghundi border with Turkmenistan to the Chaman border and hand the trucks over to Pakistani haulers, who will deliver the gas to the point of destination in Pakistan.

The implementation of such mega projects is of high importance for national and regional stakeholders. It strengthens regional connectivity and trade relations between the South and Central Asian countries, which will eventually have positive impacts on the economic development of the countries and the region in the long term.

LPG is a blend of light hydrocarbons from oil-bearing formations that are in a gaseous state at room temperature and liquefy when cooled or under pressure. LPG is the highest quality product of processing associated petroleum gas. As a motor fuel, LPG has certain advantages when used in automobiles with internal combustion engines, providing more power and burning cleaner.



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