A Turkish Charity called Deniz Feneri Association has pledged to be delivered to Afghanistan 80 tons of humanitarian relief material comprised of foodstuff, clothing, and medical supplies.

The relief assistance is part of the “Charity Train” announced by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to help the Afghan people in dire need.

President Erdogan on Wednesday said that 70 tons of food, clothing, health, and emergency goods will be delivered to Afghanistan with the support of 10 non-governmental organizations under the coordination of Turkiye’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.

In response to Erdogan’s call, the association has pledged to send to Afghanistan 80 tons of humanitarian aid, including rice, flour, tomato paste, tea, mufflers, blankets, berets, and winter clothing.

The aids announcement comes as over half of the Afghan population are in desperate need of life-saving aid especially during the freezing season of winter that has unfolded in the war-torn country.