UN-led Turkey summit is postponed due to Taliban not participating, Reuters reported.

The conference was expected to be conducted on April 24th with inclusive participation from all warring parties.

“We have consulted with Qatar, the US, and the UN,” Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister said on Wednesday “We have decided to postpone the Istanbul Conference on the Afghanistan peace process after Eid al-Fitr”.

United States, Turkey, Qatar, and United Nations have reportedly convinced the Taliban to join the planned meeting in Turkey.

Taliban has continuously insisted, the US first needs to act on the US-Doha agreement before the Istanbul conference, Taliban said that the US should be committed to the agreement and honor it to withdraw its troops out of Afghanistan by May 1st.

The summit is postponed to May 4, Tukey, Qatar, and United Nations the three co-hosts of the conference said in a released statement on Wednesday.

The Afghan government on Tuesday said the list of participations from Afghanistan’s Republic side has been finalized, according to reports 15- or 17-member team will represent the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the Turkey summit.

This comes as violence has intensified across Afghanistan, and the Biden administration has earlier confirmed its troops’ withdrawal by September 11th of this year.