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Trump vs. Biden: Who Wins Final Debate?

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President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in their last debate Thursday, Oct 23, 2020/. [Photo: social media]

UNITED STATES – President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in their last debate Thursday, challenging each other over the handling of the coronavirus, their family business ties and Barack Obama’s legacy.

The showdown in Nashville, Tennessee offered the two rivals their final high-profile audition before millions of viewers under new rules that allowed organizers to mute the microphone of each candidate while the other gave a two-minute opening statement on a specific topic, as the WSJ reported.

According to a CNN instant Poll of the debate watchers, Biden beats Trump on the final debate; with overall 53% saying the former Vice President won the competition, while 39% said Incumbent President Trump did.

But, the debate watchers preferred Trump over Biden on the economy, with 56% saying Trump would better handle it versus 44% who said Biden would, and divided about evenly between the two on foreign policy (50% prefer Biden, 48% Trump).

About the current pandemic on the other hand, Biden held a wide edge as more trusted to handle the coronavirus (57% Biden to 41% Trump); including climate change (67% Biden to 29% Trump) and racial inequality in the US (62% Biden to 35% Trump).

Although Thursday’s event was far less contentious than the first presidential debate, Biden was far more apt to be seen as directly answering the moderator’s questions (62% said he did, 31% said Trump), CNN wrote.


The statistic are that of CNN’s based on an instant Poll; the Khaama Press does not claim legal right of possession.

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