Joe Biden’s deputy, Kamala Harris, said in a debate with Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence, that Trump’s misguided policies have plunged America into a major crisis.

Trump and Joe Biden aides attended a debate Wednesday night.

Pence defended Trump’s policies, plans, and foreign policy, adding that with Trump’s foreign policy, America is safer than ever.

meanwhile, Harris said Trump’s misguided policies hit the United States hard, adding that millions of Americans were infected with the coronavirus and thousands lost their lives because of Trump’s faulty decisions.

Senator Kamala Harris stigmatized the response to the Covid-19 pandemic under Donald Trump as the “greatest failure” of any US administration

“The American people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country,” Harris said at the beginning of the debate in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday night.

Previously, a debate between US President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden was sparked by a backlash from Americans, and both were called “failures” in the debate.


  • Mohammad Haroon Alim holds a BBA degree from Kardan University. He works as a sub-editor for Khaama Press.