tripped Syrian refugeeA Syrian refugee who caught the media attention after he was tripped over by a Hungarian camerawoman is getting a job as a football coach in Spain.

Identified as Osama Abdel-Muhsen Al-Ghadab, the man was carrying his son Zaid when he was tripped over by the camerawoman Petra Laszlo, a move which sparked international outrage.

According to reports, Al-Ghadab is moving to a Madrid suburb together with his son to work at the CENAFE school that trains football coaches.

The decision to hire him as a football coach was taken after it was revealed that Mr. Al-Ghadab was formerly a football coach in the ISIS-conquered region of Deir ez-Zor in Syria.

The Madrid school have convinced him to move to Spain, according to a report by Al-Jazeera, where he will stay in an apartment near the facility in Getafe.

A member of CENAFE school Miguel Pedraza said “The first thing is to get him settled.”

“We’re giving him a hand as a humanitarian gesture. Later we’ll look for something. He’s interested in our school,” Pedraza added.

Al-Ghadab was among the scores of refugees fleeing the border in Hungary when he was deliberately kicked by the camerawoman Laszlo.

She was immediately fired after the footage went viral in the media showing Mr. Al-Ghadab screaming in disbelief after he falls on top of the boy as they tumble to the ground with man carrying all his belongings with him.


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