killerSecurity agencies have arrested the main killer of a family of eight in eastern Nangarhar province who is nephew to the head of the family.

Saleem Khan Kundozi, governor of Nangarhar province told a press conference late on Monday that the killer has confessed to his crime.

He promised that the case hearing of the killer would be publicly held.

The exact date of the incident was unknown till yesterday but the provincial police chief who was also present at the late-day conference told reporters that it took place on Friday night on 11 December.

General Fazal Ahmad Shirzad said police received information two days later.

“Based on this information security agencies launched an investigation and arrested some suspects from the jurisdiction of Behsood District,” he said, adding that “One of the suspects is step-nephew to Yousuf.”

Yousuf’s nephew has identified himself as Omara Khan S/O Aqal Khan. He has told police that he alone killed the entire family.

Omara Khan has further said that he first killed his uncle Yousuf, then his mother and rest of the family.

Although, Omara Khan says he was alone during the attack on his uncle’s house in Mirza Qala village but the police chief told reporters that further investigation is ongoing in this regard. Initial reports published suggested that the attack was carried out by three people.

Yousuf who was originally from Paktia province had been living in Nangarhar from the past four years.